CPR Photos:

In March 2005, some of the staff were instucted in first aid, C.P.R., and AED usage. These shots are from the class. I hope you recognize some faces.

  Oh man, a test !
  I'm glad these guys put on a great class!
  Anthony opening the airway like a pro .
  Israel lookin, listenin, and feelin.
  Denise ventillating the way it is supposed to be.
  Hilda showing good hand placement.
  Shirley is the queen of back blows.
  Bob with those chest compressions during the Heimlich manuver.
  Gwen knows how to open that airway.
  Kevin, does he have a pulse?
  Rollie driving straight into the chest on compressions.
  Able lookin, listenin, and feelin with style!
  Is this right?
  Yo-Zon Has got it right !

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