CPR Photos:

In April 2005, a cosortium put on by Dr. Skopek in which staff were trained in C.P.R. These shots are from the class. I hope you recognize some faces.

  The A.M. class.
  Chris, showin amazing airway talent !
  Denise lookin, listenin, and feelin like a pro.
  I could be wrong, but Dr "T" is all over this ventillation thing.
  Julie, are you sure you haven't done this before ?
  Donna has this back blow thing down.
  Lori should think about goin pro.

A.M. Class

P.M. Class

  Mary's having a blast.
  Hey Mark, I think Janet is after your job ! !
  Rebecca gettin down to business.
  Diane, not to be outdone by anyone ! !
  Tammy, the back blow master.
  Carla having way too much fun doing the Heimlich manuver.
  Karen workin the manequin, and the camera.
  Linda driving into the chest.

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